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Model 1998 - Pink Stock and Forearm
09-18-2011, 08:44 AM (This post was last modified: 09-18-2011 08:49 AM by Willielumplump.)
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Model 1998 - Pink Stock and Forearm
Inasmuch as no one has posted anything on this beauty, I will give it a go. Two years ago, in preparing my Christmas list, I decided that EVERYONE, my four children and all grandchildren over 8 years old, male and female, were going to receive the Daisy Model 1938B Red Ryder Carbine, and purchased 14 new ones in a Lot sale, (got a darn good deal, too). During the months leading up to Christmas, I prepared the family be visiting everyone weekly, stressing safety, marksmanship, and maintenance, bring along my stash of BB guns and not letting on what was in store for them.

Along the way, I was meeting resistence from my daughter about BB guns in general; oh oh, gotta figure something out here, and then I happened upon an auction for the Daisy 1998 and BINGO, I just knew I had it figured out.

Yep, Chrismas morning, the shrieks and laughter were outstanding, and she loved her pink BB gun! Her 16 daughter seemed somewhat crestfallen, and of course, she wanted a pink deal also, sooo, back to the auction site to purchase another pinkie, and we made the exchange. Her 14 year old sister, however, was very much more insightful, because she said "Grandpa, I want to keep this one, because I doubt that a future boyfriend will want to go shooting with me if he had to shoot that PINK thing."

Now to present day; a few months ago, one of my daughter-in-laws, who had made a sort of vow with my son that they would have a gun-free home (she had two boys from a previous marriage, NOW has THREE daughters with my son!!!)has indicated/hinted that she WANTS A PINK STOCKED BB gun!! It's in the attic, awaiting being wrapped up for this Christmas of 2011!!! Although I gifted my son (he is one of 3) with a Red Ryder two years ago, I with held gifting the two step sons because I didn't think that they were quite responsible enough, even though they would have been supervised while shooting.....I had to provide FULL attention on them during our training sessions and didn't feel comfortable with their attitude toward one another; however, they are crack shots, but amazingly, all of my grandchildren seem to have a natural knack for shooting.

But, perhaps my 20 years service in the Marine Corps might have helped a little in the marksmanship training bit. I have to smile broadly about my 8 year old grandson; the BB gun would waver as he sighted in and there was no way he would ever hit the tin cans, and empty toilet paper rolls on top, but HE NEVER MISSED once he understood the sight picture deal. And of all the grandchildren, he is best at remembering the Daisy 10 point safety rules.

Whew, time for a beer.Cheers
03-13-2013, 01:00 PM
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RE: Model 1998 - Pink Stock and Forearm
Yes, they are neat little guns. I got one for my eight-year-old granddaughter, and she loves it.
She shoots it in my basement.

01-12-2015, 10:13 PM
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RE: Model 1998 - Pink Stock and Forearm
Nice job sir!

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