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Full Version: 1938 Disassembly - can't figure something out
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I've *got* to be missing something here. I'm trying to repair my childhood Red Ryder 1938, circa 1978 ish. According to the internet, all you have to do is unscrew the innards from the front of the barrel, remove the stock, trigger, cocking lever, and use the special tool to compress the spring so you can remove the little plate out the top of the barrel and then everything slides out the back so you can replace the seals and slap it all back together. Sounds easy enough.

I've got everything removed, I've built my compressor tool, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to be compressing. Looking down the barrel from the back, I see the plate that the cocking lever pulls back, with it's metal leafspring resting against a riveted in post. Behind that is a large spring. Beyond that is the plate that pulls out the top of the barrel.

What the heck am I supposed to be compressing? If I compress the spring itself, the cocking plate (for lack of a better term) and leaf spring are still on the rivet post, plus pushing the spring down just puts even more pressure on that little plate that I'm supposed to pull out the top.

The internet has always provided me with great instructions for how to repair things, but I'm having a hard time finding good instructions on this simple task.

Please help?
You need to press the spring forward and at the same time pull up on the sight/anchor pin.Your tool is suppose to fit over the plate to get to the spring on the left and right of the plate.The plate you call it and the spring will all come out in one pieace
Thanks Steve ... I'll give it another go.
You might want to use some pliers to pull out the anchor pin.The anchor pin/sight curves a bit around the rivet.Just push hard on the spring and pull up the sight/anchor pin.Let us know if you get it out.


is there a video on the disassemble/reassembly of a 1938, or a 505?? If not can someone make one.
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